Quarterly Auctions start Dec 15th

It’s Back!

If you are looking for a permanent booth, a Booth License is for you. Today we went live with a new auction for all booths not currently licensed to other vendors.

This is a 1-day auction and will end tomorrow, December 16th, at 7 PM.

These are Annual Booth Licenses. With a booth license, your booth(s) will be reserved for you exclusively until every Friday at 7 PM. So long as you pay for your booth(s) by Friday 7 PM for the upcoming weekend, you will be guaranteed your booth(s).

If you don’t pay for the booth(s) by Friday at 7 PM, the booths will be released, allowing another vendor to buy your booth(s) for only that weekend. This is great for those who want to take a weekend off but don’t want to lose their booth(s) for future dates.

All winning bidders must pay their license fee within 24 Hrs of winning.

Good Luck!

Visit The Auction Page

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