Booth License information

A Booth License is for those vendors who want to secure the same booth(s) for each week. Booth licenses are NOT required to book your book but if you like a specific booth, the Booth License is for you. 

Think of it like an AirBnB. If you own the booth you can pay for the dates you want by Tuesday at Midnight each week. If you want to take a week off or a month etc, just don’t pay for the booth by Midnight on Tuesday of the eek of the event. The booth will be released only for that week. 

Booth Licenses are set up once and will automatically run your credit card on the first of each month. You can cancel at any time. 

The Booth License is NOT the booth fee. Booth Fees must be paid by Midnight on Tuesday before that Saturday’s market.

Please note that if someone has already paid for specific dates before you purchase your license, you will have to book another available booth for those weeks only but if the booth(s) you select are not booked at the time you purchase your Booth License, those will automatically be reserved for you for all future dates as well.

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