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Hello, Over the past few weeks, many vendors have been leaving their booth space with trash behind for us to clean up. This is unacceptable! Our dumpsters are NOT for vendors to use. Our Trash cans are for attendees to throw their trash in and NOT for vendors to dump their booth trash into. Starting […]

New Booth License Program Save Big!

We are thrilled to introduce our new Booth License Program, allowing you to reserve your favorite booths in advance, ensuring no one else can take them. With a Booth License, you can skip certain dates without losing your reserved booth(s). Whether you’re planning a trip or feeling unwell, you can rest assured that your booth(s) […]

Support Swap Meet Seller and Their Family’s. Relocate Street Vendors Now!

A Message From Management on behalf of the Swap Meet Sellers: Many LACC Swap Meet Vendors, Residents, Customers and Local Businesses have expressed concern with the street vendors that set up during the Swap Meet on Monroe and Marathon between Vermont and Madison, Vermont between Monroe and Marathon and Madison between Monroe and Marathon. In […]