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Unveiling the Truth: Why Rumors Are Not Reality

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In today’s fast-paced world, information spreads like wildfire, fueled by the power of social media and word-of-mouth conversations. Rumors, in particular, have a way of capturing people’s attention and influencing their perceptions. However, it is essential to understand that rumors are not reality. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why it is […]

Why even have City Ordinances, if not inforced?

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City ordinances are local laws that govern everything from zoning and land use to noise and nuisance control. They are essential for maintaining order and promoting the health, safety, and welfare of a community. Here are some reasons why city ordinances are important: Protecting public health and safety: City ordinances ensure that public health and […]

Support Swap Meet Seller and Their Family’s. Relocate Street Vendors Now!

A Message From Management on behalf of the Swap Meet Sellers: Many LACC Swap Meet Vendors, Residents, Customers and Local Businesses have expressed concern with the street vendors that set up during the Swap Meet on Monroe and Marathon between Vermont and Madison, Vermont between Monroe and Marathon and Madison between Monroe and Marathon. In […]

Why Street Vending around LACC Swap Meet is not safe!

“Street Selling within 500 feet of the school is Prohibited under Municipal Code L.A.M.C. 42.00(b). Violation of this code could result in your arrest, a fine up to $1000, and/or six months in jail.” For schools located in the City of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Municipal Code prohibits vendors from selling items within 500 […]