Over the past few weeks, many vendors have been leaving their booth space with trash behind for us to clean up. This is unacceptable! Our dumpsters are NOT for vendors to use. Our Trash cans are for attendees to throw their trash in and NOT for vendors to dump their booth trash into.

Starting today, we will review the camera footage and deactivate any vendor we see who breaks the rules and leaves their trash on our lot.

We deliver the space clean for you. We would like to ask you to do the same for us. We pay a lot of money to have the sweeper service get the lot ready for you, and in turn, we ask that you be respectful and clean up your trash and take it with you.

If you would like us to bring in a dumpster for you, the cost is $250 per weekend. Let Tupac or Jose know if you want to order a bin. Otherwise, you bring it, you take it. No exceptions.