Now Booking through December!


As promised, we have made it through the first Auction for Annual Booth Licenses, so I have added all the dates through December for you to book. If you have an ANNUAL BOOTH LICENSE, you have until every Friday at 7 PM to pay for the booth for that upcoming weekend. At 7:15 PM each Friday, all the unpaid booths with a Booth License will be released so that any registered and approved vendor can book them.

You MUST PAY for your Booth(s) by Friday at 7 PM for the current week’s swap meet. Booth Fee is the Fee for the booth NOT the Booth License!

By not booking your Licensed Booth by 7 PM, we assume you are taking that weekend off or simply can’t make it. Instead of leaving an empty booth, we release them so other vendors can use your booth for just that week.

Next Auction!

We will host a 24 HR Auction every month for the still available booths. This will allow other vendors who perhaps lost the first auction to get a Booth License for another booth. It will also allow for new vendors to secure a Booth License without having to wait a year. If you have an Annual Booth License, you do not have to participate in the Auctions unless you want to obtain additional booths.

Thank you!

Phillip Dane & Staff


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