We will only be loading in from Monroe. DO NOT USE THE CHILDREN’S BLIND SCHOOL OR MARATHON.

You can line up on New Hampshire from 6:00AM and enter on Monroe Starting at 6:45 AM after being checked in by our staff. Any vendors on the lot before we open for load-in will be banned from returning.
After entering the lot please do not setup until 7:15 AM, this will allow our vendors to enter their spots without any obstructions
Do NOT arrive past 8:15am otherwise you will have to wait to get in.

There is vendor parking in the Blind Children’s School for $10 per day or $50 per month. See Taylor to set that up. If we find that you entered and do not have a parking pass, you will not be able to use the parking in the future. 

No Vehicles are allowed to remain in the swap meet UNLESS they fit inside your booth. We have parking available as stated above for a small fee.