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What can I sell or not sell?


Spaces are assigned by LACC Swap Meet solely for the sale of goods, merchandise and services approved by Swap Meet management. Approval may be withheld for any reason, in the absolute and sole discretion of Swap Meet management. Please be advised that the following goods and services are prohibited: 

  1. Drinks, food, and any other item used for human consumption except pre-approved food trailers, carts, and trucks. Swap Meet management will approve fruits, vegetables, and prepackaged items, such as potato chips and candy and similar items sold for off-site consumption. Please see Swap Meet management for approval of food items sold at LACC Swap Meet for off-site consumption. Just so you know, this approval must be given in advance. Vendors should not buy food items, assuming they will be approved. Health permits issued by Health Department may be required.
  2. Entertainment, game arcade, game of chance and grab bag.
  3. Ammunition, axes, daggers, firearms, fireworks, flammable materials, guns (whether real, replica or toy), hatchets, knives, except for knives which are part of a packaged tableware set, swords and weapons of any kind.
  4. Drug paraphernalia, drugs, hash or water pipes, roach clips and paraphernalia commonly associated or used with marijuana or any drug or narcotic.
  5. The sales of animals, endangered species or goods, merchandise or products made from endangered species.
  6. Pornography, illegal items and any adult entertainment good or service.
  7. Goods and services that infringe on or violate any copyright, patent or trademark. Counterfeit goods. Goods and services that make or suggest any misrepresentation.
  8. Palm reading.
  9. Motor vehicles, including but not limited to motorcycles. Vehicle accessories, parts and supplies may be sold.
  10. Personal health services.
  11. Any item that in the sole discretion of Swap Meet management is or may be hazardous to the health, safety or welfare of any person.